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Net Promoter News: Bells of Telstra renaissance chime louder, VistaPrint: Americans come on strong, Europeans play hard to get, Amdocs prescribes apps for higher NPS

Bells of Telstra renaissance chime louder

Not so long ago, Telstra was the telco that the Australian biz press and customers loved to hate, but as it continues its steady turnaround across customer satisfaction and business performance, the bells of the company’s renaissance are beginning to chime ever louder.

[caption id="attachment_4429" align="alignright" width="216"]Telestra-Logo.jpg Telstra: Heavy investment in Net Promoter correlating with improved business performance.[/caption]

That is not to say the company is a case study for Net Promoter best practices – yet, at least. Though its scores are not public, they are thought to be in negative territory, and it still leads the way in customer complaints despite a significant percentage drop even as it added new customers.

But all indications are that its renewed focus on the customer, as represented by a significant investment in Net Promoter (it surveyed 5 million customers in the second half of 2012) is starting to pay real dividends in terms of business performance, with an 8.8 per cent higher $1.6 billion December-half profit result. And as noted by biz reporter Malcom Maiden, the fact that is has so far to go may actually be good news for Telstra shareholders, since It means that improving customer satisfaction is a potential profit driver. Sydney Morning Herald

VistaPrint: Americans come on strong, Europeans play hard to get with NPS

VistaPrint on Net Promoter at its earning call: “NPS ratings vary by country. The Americans tend easier scores and different depending on the country you are in Europe, are more difficult across all companies.” Although the sentence structure is a little tortured, is this an example of cultural bias?

Our default position is to be hesitant to call cultural bias as the cause of differences in NPS - in our experience, there is usually a more prosaic explanation, but this is the second time in two weeks that the idea of cultural bias has been mentionedVistaPrint also noted that its scores are trending up. Seeking Alpha 

Amdocs prescribes relevant apps for higher NPS

Speculative assumptions analysis of the smartphone market normally focuses on the shiniest tech developments from the mobile manufacturers or operating systems.

But new research from UC provider Amdocs has found that mobile service providers have an opportunity to increase their NPS if they are able to supply relevant, proactive notifications and simple self-service apps to customers’ mobile devices – something that would also decrease call centre traffic. Billing World

In brief

  • According to new research by consultancy Gracechurch, Catlin is the insurer that has the best claims team, with an NPS of +31, followed by Hannover ReMitsui, Amlin and Markel. Zurich and RSA both scored -12, and Ascot, Ace and Talbot also ranked at the bottom. Post Online
  • German online marketers Unister Group first implemented Net Promoter in, September, and have announced a score increase from +17 to +30. LifePR
  • Shoretel has recognised reseller TeleSwitch for achieving the best NPS possible – +100 – over the course of 2012. PR Leap

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