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Net Promoter News: The Love Edition - A Romance starring Toyota, Facebook, and Emirates

This week we have something slightly different for the Net Promoter News – the Love Edition. In keeping with Valentine’s Day conventions, each story this week is presented as a love story. Enjoy!

Love story #1: Customers break Toyota's heart, Toyota falls in love with NPS, customers want to kiss and make up


Whoa – this one is almost a soap opera romance.

In the Netherlands, Toyota was struggling with unrequited love – it was trying to nurture relationships but even “satisfied” customers were leaving (perhaps they thought of Toyota as just a “nice guy”?).

Then something unexpected – but very exciting – happened. Toyota fell head over heels in love with Net Promoter. In an effort to prove that its love was more than a fleeting romance, Toyota embedded (get it?) Net Promoter throughout its organisation, from its training programs for anyone in a customer-facing role, ratings, newsletters, and, most romantic of all – a wall of fame in the restaurant.

Toyota devoted itself to Net Promoter – thinking about it, talking about it, acting on it across the organisation. And that love is now paying dividends as customers who used to think Toyota was just the nice guy unworthy of serious emotional investment have discovered that a passionate dedication to the customer was always hiding under the shy exterior. Frankwatching (Dutch language)

Love story #2: Fans that love brands on Facebook

LoudDoor, a Facebook Insights preferred marketing developer has unveiled Net Promoter-based research of over 15,000 Facebook pages that shows which pages have the most loyal fans.

You might assume a swoon-inducing consumer multinational such as Disneyland, Apple, or Starbucks would lead the way, but you’d be wrong. In fact, the most loved-up brand on Facebook is not even a consumer brand, it’s a non profit – St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Following number one, more predictable names emerge, with Facebook and Google rounding out the top three. Money, as Paul McCartney succinctly noted, can’t buy love – but it doesn't hurt.

The top 20 pages according to LoudDoor are:

1.    St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

2.    Facebook

3.    Google

4.    Walt Disney World

5.    ALDI USA

6.    Xbox

7.    Starbucks Frappuccino

8.    Google Chrome

9.    Duncan Hines

10.  Adobe Photoshop

11.  Tim Hortons

12.  Hershey's

13.  In-N-Out Burger

14.  Dove Chocolates

15.  NFL

16.  Portillo's

17.  BRAVO

18.  Disneyland

19.  Dollar Tree

20.  AMC Theatre

For methodology and other details check out the original article on MediaPost

Love story #3: Kuwaitis love Emirates, McDonald’s, IKEA, and a bunch of other brands

Uh oh. Things just got weird, didn’t they?

Actually, it’s not that Kuwaitis are confused – they’re just spreading their love around! Research by Service Hero (which reported on apparent cultural biases in the Kuwaiti market a couple of weeks back) has revealed the most loved brands in the market.

The top three across all categories are a microcosm of globalization at work, with UAE brand Emirates Airlines picking up the gold, American brand Caribou Coffee the silver, and local restaurant Mais Alghanim the bronze. When it comes to customer experience, love might not be blind. But it sure does cross borders. Zawya

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  • Inavero has announced its Net Promoter-based Best of Staffing list for 2013 (in the US). For the full list of winners, check the link: Best of Staffing
  • Mobile gamer Gamewagon has announced that 85% of its customers are Promoters. PR Web

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