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Net Promoter News: Warby Parker's 20/20 vision, Scouting for the key to non-profit satisfaction

Warby Parker brings 20/20 vision to business and philanthropy

Neil Blumenthal was previously director of social enterprise VisionSpring, which supplies affordable prescription glasses to low-income earners in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Do-Good-Warby-Parker.png

In 2010, the bespectacled entrepreneur co-founded Warby Parker, a trendy eyewear brand that has already grown to a workforce of 150 and a swanky showroom in Manhattan. But social good has not been swapped for profits. According the Warby Parker site, almost a billion people lack access to glasses, and to combat this problem it has a policy to donate one pair of glasses for every pair it sells.

The company's vision to bring 20/20 sight to the world’s low-income earners has done nothing to dent the enthusiasm of customers. Along with a highly successful ecommerce operation, the brand's Manhattan showroom does $3,659 in sales per square foot and its army of overjoyed (and very good looking) customers is driving a Net Promoter Score of +91. And in the process of this growth, it has already donated a quarter of a million pairs of 'specs. Mashable

Scouting for the key to non-profit satisfaction

There are a number of non-profit organisations that use Net Promoter, and one of these is the Boy Scouts in the US.

This organisation has a mature Net Promoter program (last year it delivered 750,000 surveys), and is mining the “Voice of Scout” (that’s really what they call it) for insights by asking follow-up questions in addition to the basic Net Promoter question. However, this week the program attracted attention for unwelcome reasons after a local news station in Tennessee picked up on a story about some questions that have been interpreted as homophobic.

[caption id="attachment_4788" align="aligncenter" width="495"]Voice-of-scout-550x216.png Voice of Scout: Driving change for a non-profit organisation with Net Promoter[/caption]

This aside, the organisation has a number of resources online about its program that may be of interest for other non-profits (link below), and the good news is that Scouting is viewed in an overwhelmingly positive light by both Scouts and their parents, recording a nation-wide score of +46 from a response rate of 11%.  Wreg Memphis

In brief

  • French bank Boursorama, part of the Société Générale Group, has announced in a self-puffer that according to research by Bain & Company, it has the top Net Promoter Score of any French bank at +51. The industry lags well behind, with an average of -13. Press release
  • Small biz consultants AQB announced it has been named Intuit’s “Premier Reseller of the Year” for 2012-13, based partly on an NPS of +98. The business won the award in 2012, and has seen triple digit growth as a reseller from 2010-2012. EINNews
  • Internet Marketing biz Volume 9  announced an inaugural NPS of +49. PRLog

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