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Net Promoter News: WestPac Proud of -17.6, FixYa Gets Ya NPS, EG set example 52

Australian Banks seem to have caught Net Promoter Score fever, judging by the number of them that report on NPS, with admirable transparency. Please keep it up!

WestPac Annual Rep NPS-er

westpac-snapshot-2009-05-06-10-20-421Today we have results from Westpac - Australia's largest bank, ranked 15 in the the world. They state in earnings release: "NPS is a measure of franchise strength and the propensity of customers to recommend the bank." Numbers: Westpac RBB's Consumer NPS improved to -17.6; improving faster than peer average. Westpac RBB's Business NPS improved to -21.7 closing gap on peers,  St.George Consumer NPS improved to -5.1, improving well ahead of major bank peers and closing the gap to Regionals from 27bps (basis points) to 15bps. Source: AgeHats off to Westpac for being proud of a negative NPS, but they are the best of a bad lot, and credit for improving -  see "Oz Banks Ranks" - our previous coverage of Australian Banks.

Arxis go NPS

arxis1From a self-puffer: "Arxis Technology Honored with Customer Excellence Award Award Granted by Sage in Recognition of “Exceptional Customer Service”. Won Sage 2008 Customer Excellence Award for Net Promoter Score (NPS) that is more than double the industry average. We say: Too vague - tell us details please,  if any PR folk reading. Source: Horse's Mouth

FixYa Gets Ya Net Promoter

fixya websiteUser-feedbacker FixYa reckons it can stand out from crowd  with a product-specific and user-generated Net Promoter Score. The end game, explains CEO Yaniv Bensadon,"is to establish a type of Net Promoter Score for products and their manufacturers." And "As much as there are different review sites out there, none are offering product-specific assistance on demand,” added Bensadon. Sources:  Self-Puffer and TechCrunch

EG up by an "Enormous Number"


More proof that PR people struggle with math*… According to news item: "EmploymentGroup Customer Satisfaction Outpaces Industry Average by More Than 400 Percent". Out-staffer  EmploymentGroup (EG) announced 2009 Net Promoter Score is 52, exceeding the U.S. staffing industry’s average by more than four times. Also EG’s Managed Services division  (mail/ship/gardening) aced a 67 in its first year of tracking Net Promoter Score. Source: TalentManagement (Update 10/2013 - Link moved)*You can't mix points, percent, NPS!

Next Up: Net Promoter News: KPN Phone-In Performance, SW buddy-up on Mex-trics, Hoster tops 58

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