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Net Promoter News: Zingerman’s Special NPS Sauce, MercadoLibre joins NPS earnings call conga line, Sprint sprints to next level, Aurora Capital notes Net Promoter in acquisition, Sage bestows NPS Awards

Zingerman’s special sauce woos Promoters

[caption id="attachment_3229" align="alignnone" width="225" caption="They really do have "special sauce" at Zingerman's"]pastasauceprotectiongiftbox_01.gif[/caption]

Michigan-based Zingerman’s is a group of small food and other enterprises that has been using Net Promoter for several years. As with most organisations that implement Net Promoter, the business originally assumed that its Detractors would give it the most valuable feedback since they (presumably) are more aware of flaws in the business.

However, after a number of years of using Net Promoter, Zingerman’s has found that in terms of insights and feedback it tends to get considerably greater value from its Promoters. According to 'ZingTrain' managing partner Maggie Bayless:

“It turns out that customers who are excited to recommend us to their friends and colleagues are also enthusiastic about sharing ideas that they think would make our organization even better. These ideas range from ways the service experience itself could be improved, to products they'd like us to carry, to suggestions for reducing the business' carbon footprint.”

Bayless notes that one of the most important things Zingerman’s has learned from its Net Promoter surveys is that Promoters feel most valued when they are treated as business ‘insiders’. For this reason, she advises that going beyond an economic transaction to nurturing a shared, personal experience with Promoters is crucial to maintaining and growing that connection.

Many businesses that use Net Promoter put effort into thanking or rewarding Promoters, but in light of these comments we are curious to hear if more businesses also find the most valuable feedback from their Promoters. Are you getting the most valuable insights from this group of customers? Let us know! Gourmet Retailer

MercadoLibre joins Net Promoter earnings call conga line

eBay’s Latin American partner MercadoLibre is the latest business to talk up its Net Promoter Score at its Q2 earnings call, claiming that a new customer service centre in Europe and investment in “world-class” customer management tools have seen its scores rise steadily through the first half of the year. When asked if there were any other metrics or benefits besides Net Promoter that may be able to illustrate the health of the business, CFO Pedro Arnt  said, “thinking of customer experience more broadly can be seen in the sustained growth levels of successful items and the fact that we continue to grow above market in all the markets where we operate and by a significant margin in some of those countries.”

We’ll add that to the growing list of companies we’ve reported on this year to see a correlation between business growth and Net Promoter Scores! Seeking Alpha

Sprint Nextel 'Bolts' to next Net Promoter level

Back in April, we reported that in Q1 Sprint Nextel was the only one of the four major US wireless carriers to show improvement in NPS year-over-year.  According to chief Dan Hesse, this momentum has not slowed in Q2. He claims that an independent survey has not only returned all-time high scores, but also shown that Sprint is the only one of the four major carriers to return improvement both sequentially and year-over-year.

In terms of a correlating positive impact on the bottom line, however, things were not entirely clear-cut. According to CBS, Sprint had a wider loss for the second quarter following a writedown in the value of its Nextel network. However, Sprint was successful in persuading smartphone subscribers to purchase its "unlimited data" service, and its service revenue beat estimates. Seeking Alpha

Aurora Capital notes Net Promoter in acquisition 

LA-based Aurora Capital Group has announced the acquisition of market intelligence biz Market Track. According to a statement by the company, Market Track’s contract value retention rates are close to 100%, its new business is growing at a substantial rate, and “independent due diligence revealed Net Promoter Scores for Market Track that were at the very top of the market research industry and rivaled some of the best companies in the world.” When put that way, it certainly sounds a good investment!  Melodika

Advanced Solutions talks up advanced customer satisfaction

Autodesk reseller Advanced Solutions has announced it has surpassed its 2012 goals within Autodesk’s Customer Satisfaction Program. The program evaluates customer experience through a range of objectives including Net Promoter. Virtual Strategy

Sage bestows awards

Bean-counting softer Sage have lived the NPS dream for some years - and it's now good to see them measuring Net Promoter of their partners. This week they announced the winners of their 2011-2012 Sage Partner Advantage Awards, which are presented based on Net Promoter Scores and other criteria. The most prestigious gong – the modestly named “Sage Eagle Award” – went to Professional Software, Inc. Other recipients included Gold Coast Advisors, INFOMAN, Inc., Pyramid Consulting, and Tennessee Software Solutions, which were awarded the Sage Customer Excellence Award for the highest Net Promoter Scores. Tom Miller, Channel VP said "Throughout the year, these business partners have consistently gone the extra mile to achieve excellence within the channel and their community"

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