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Net Promoter News: Porsche’s customer service skidmark, Optus fashionably late to Net Promoter party, Customers all the way with USAA

Porsche’s customer service skidmark forces survey tuneup

A global synonym for luxury, one may expect Porsche to be a leader in customer service. Indeed, the business has announced an NPS nudging +70 – an exceptionally high score, and one that would often lead to a press release bragging its NPS is closing in on Apple’s. (You may have noticed we are not particularly fans of that angle).

[caption id="attachment_3510" align="alignright" width="300"]2007_porsche_911_turbo_1-300x240.jpg Porshe: Putting the brakes on customer freebies[/caption]

However, because its NPS had increased “suspiciously” fast, Porsche was concerned there was some kind of a problem in its processes that may have caused it to rise. After some investigation, it uncovered that dealers had been artificially driving up scores by offering freebies and other perks to customers.

Left unchecked, this kind of practice can lead to damage to the brand as quality customer service is replaced by gift-giving.

In an effort to remove the temptation to artificially improve scores, Porsche now only allow its dealers access to feedback from the follow-up question. According to a spokesperson, “Really the NPS doesn’t have much business value, it’s just an indication of the customer’s view at that moment in time. The real business value comes from the words people use in their verbatim answers.”

While we suggest the score is an effective way of tracking improvement in overall satisfaction, it is very refreshing to see a company be so candid about what it has learned from its Net Promoter survey processes, not to mention sharing the benefits of its experience. Econsultancy

Optus fashionably late to Net Promoter party

In the last two years, the mobile market share of Australian telco Optus has stayed steady at 32 per cent, where its main rival Telstra has grown from 42 to 46 per cent.

Perhaps in part due to this, the telco has decided to adopt Net Promoter to improve its customers’ experience and increase brand loyalty (in March this year we reported on Telstra’s decision to adopt NPS).

Implemented effectively, the renewed focus on the customer by the two leading telcos will be welcome news to underwhelmed customers. According to Optus, only 26 per cent are loyal to their existing mobile carriers. Australian Financial Review

Customers all the way with USAA

A survey of 5,000 US consumers for 180 companies across 19 industries by the Temkin Group has revealed that even utilities such as insurance can produce extremely high levels of advocacy.

Military insurer USAA led the entire pack with the highest NPS, followed by Marriott,, H.E.B., credit unions, Barnes & Noble, Apple (for both computers and software), Publix, QVC, BJs Wholesale Club, and Aldi.

At the other end, HSBC was highly unpopular, with the lowest two scores for its banking and credit cards. Charter Communications (for its TV service and Internet service businesses), Capital One, Citibank (for its banking and credit card businesses), Anthem, McDonald's, Aetna, and Motel 6 were also unpopular.

Interestingly, higher scores came from older respondents, and banks had the highest ethnic gap in their scores, receiving an average of +45 from Asians but +15 from Caucasians. Sacramento Bee

In brief

  • Rivet & Sway, an ecommerce site for spectacles targeted at time-strapped females, has claimed a (self-reported) NPS of +82. Business Insider
  • Wedge Group Galvanizing claims that in the past 12 months it has been reaching scores of between +80 and + 90. Telegraph & Argus

Net Promoter Vacancy

Net Promoter System Business Analyst, Telstra, Melbourne/Sydney, Australia.

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