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Net Promoter News: NHS takes nation's temperature with NPS, Emirates, Singapore bound ahead of Flying Kangaroo, and the Net Promoter rap

NHS NPS Program results published

[caption id="attachment_6293" align="alignright" width="250"]NHS: Despite the headlines, there is still a high rate of satisfaction. NHS: Despite the headlines, there is still a high rate of satisfaction.[/caption]

With great fanfare and national news coverage, the UK’s National Health Service has released its latest research from the Net Promoter-based and aptly-named ‘Friends and Family’ test, which asks patients whether they would recommend hospitals to their friends and family.

NHS England has implemented a 5-point scoring system (with top score being Promoter, and bottom 3 correlating to detractor). This week they published all the scores for transparent open examination.

Criticism has been leveled at the surveys; that they are open to gaming, response rates vary widely (and very low in some cases: we saw a few single reponses), that patients are more likely to be positive when they’re in hospital than when they’re at home, and that healthcare may be unsuited to the “Ultimate Question”, because nobody wants to recommend going to a hospital.

Brickbats notwithstanding, we were interested to note the following facts about the most recent survey results:

  • Initial analysis by the Picker Institute found a “moderate correlation” between trusts’ performance on the friends and family test and last year’s in-patient survey. Direct of research Chris Graham said “We have found a stronger correlation than we might have expected.”
  • According to NHS England national director for patients and information Tim Kelsey, when inpatient and A&E scores were combined eight of the bottom 10 trusts were already under scrutiny from regulators (emphasis added).
  • As may be expected, specialist hospitals scored far better than their general counterparts, making up the top 11 trust scores.

And despite sensationalist headlines in major newspapers that seem to be panicking about the imminent collapse of healthcare as we know it, only 36 wards out of 4,500 across the country scored an overall negative figure, down from 66 in April. As one anonymous commenter on the HSJ wryly noted, “I read this story on the BBC News website, the headline for which reads ‘36 out of 4,500 wards fail patient test’. I find it interesting to reflect that the headline does not read ‘NHS wards have a 99.2% satisfaction rating’.”

Our opinion: This is one of the highest profile Net Promoter programs that we know of - it's bound to have naysayers, but there is no doubt that the simplicity of the approach can make a difference. We hope that they focus on quantity and quality of data  (they should focus heavily on electronic gathering methods - every patient has a smart phone!) We like the transparency - this will help and internal and external confidence in the program as well as guarantee that any change is based on statistically significant and unbiased data. More health departments start NPS please!

Provided there is a robust processes in place on how to act on the feedback, public health will be the ultimate winner from the system. The NHS certainly agrees, noting that the Friends and Family survey program "will grow into the most comprehensive ever undertaken." HSJ (paywall)

Emirates, Singapore bound ahead of Flying Kangaroo

[caption id="attachment_6290" align="alignright" width="275"]Emirates: Jetting ahead of competitors in Australian airspace. Emirates: Jetting ahead of competitors in Australian airspace.[/caption]

Research by Bain & Co has revealed Emirates Airlines to have the highest NPS of any company in Australia according to 9,000 respondents. In the airlines stakes, Emirates is closely followed by Singapore Airlines, with Virgin Australia leading in domestic aviation, and local carriers such as Qantas caught in the proverbial jetwash.

In other sectors, Aldi led in supermarkets, Dan Murphy's in liquor stores, iiNet in home broadband, Red Energy in electricity, Telstra in mobile broadband and AIPA in car and home and contents insurance.

Regarding these results, an honorary mention must be made of Telstra. Not only has Australia's biggest telco enthusiastically embraced the Net Promoter philosophy across the organisation, it is an impressive result for a company that used to be infamous among Australian consumers for poor customer service. The turnaround may not be complete, but progress is clear.  The Australian (paywall)

In brief

  • Virtual data room provider ansarada has announced the introduction of Net Promoter into the business. According to the business, NPS has become an intrinsic part of the innovation and development process for the organisation. Commenting on the effectiveness of the system, CEO Sam Riley said "It is a vital part of the way we do business." Press release
  • SunTrust Banks has been announced as the top for Customer Advocacy in the super regional banks category according to research of 6,000 US household by Market Probe. The awards were rated on three key factors: satisfaction, NPS and advocacy. Press release


This wacky NPS rap vid has been discovered on YouTube. First time we've seen such enthusiasm for Net Promoter. We're not sure who is responsible for its creation, so if you know please feel free to share!

Next Up: Net Promoter News: Kabbage, Lending Club duke it out, VMware earnings reach the cloud(s), Nilfisk-Advance polishes customer advocacy, Aegon has plans for global system rollout

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