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Net Promoter News: nib prescribes NPS, DNA art and promoters, Whistler Blackcomb whistles past rivals, Surety1 goes from -6 to +52, Gold for Forest Pines

nib prescribes Net Promoter Scores


Australian health insurer nib has announced it is about six months away from launching its own mobile app. Called ‘White Coat,’ the app will help patients make informed decisions when choosing a healthcare professional.

According to boss Mark Fitzgibbon, Net Promoter is a conspicuous element of the app. “You’ll be able to go online via your phone or iPad or PC or laptop, search for a medical provider in your area – a doctor or hospital or dentist – and go and see their Net Promoter Score,” he told the Australian Financial Review.

This is an interesting development for a couple of reasons.

The first is that nib is a client of CustomerGauge and Genroe, our Australian partner. In fact, we recently posted a case study on how nib is using Net Promoter to ensure that its rapid growth does not come at the expense of customer service. It is particularly heartening to see that the metric we advocate and work with has made such a positive difference to our clients that they are recommending it to their own customers!

The second reason is that this news comes hot on the heels of the rollout of the Net Promoter-based   “friends and family” patient satisfaction measure in the UK. Is Net Promoter an emerging trend in the healthcare sector? It may be too early to call at this stage, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on developments! Australian Financial Review

DNA art and the importance of Promoters

[caption id="attachment_3202" align="alignnone" width="314" caption="DNA-portrait from DNA-11"]dna-portrait-550x244.png[/caption]

From the quirkier end of the online retail business world, DNA11 is a site that creates works of art from its customers’ DNA or lip imprints. (And yes, it’s a real business).

According to co-founder Adrian Salamunovic, in the age of social media the company's Net Promoter Score is more important than ever. The reason he gives is that social networks offer Promoters a potentially powerful platform from which to make unsolicited recommendations. To which we’d add, this would be particularly true for an unconventional, conversation-worthy topic such as your new DNA Ancestry Portrait (yes, they apparently exist too). Las Vegas Business Press

Whistler Blackcomb whistles past rivals

Canadian ski resort Whistler Blackcomb has been named best resort in Canada in terms of satisfaction, customer loyalty and commitment to promoting and growing skiing and snowboarding by the Canadian Ski Council (CSC). The resort also achieved the highest Net Promoter Score in Canada for the season. Pique News Magazine

Surety1 goes from -6 to +52

According to a self-puffer, insurance provider Surety1’s first score was returned two years ago, and was a miserable -6. However, in the time since then, the company has invested in bettering its customer satisfaction levels to such an extent that its NPS for June this year was a dramatically-improved +52. PR Web

The verdict is in: Gold for Forest Pines

In the UK Forest Pines Hotel & Golf Resort has been awarded a VenueVerdict Gold award for delivering exceptional service. The recognition is awarded to hotels with a Net Promoter Score of +70 and above. At this point in time, only 31 hotels in the country are recognised with the status. Hotel Industry UK

In brief

  • At its most recent earnings call, car rental company Hertz announced that its average Net Promoter Score for the Rental Car division improved by 40 basis points. (Non-bankers note, = 0.4% improvement). Hertz consistently call out NPS along with other excellent metrics in their presentations.  Seeking Alpha
  • ShoreTel closed the second half of 2012 with an NPS of +62 for the business and NPS of +64 for Resellers.  Shoretel Blog

SitsVac.jpgNet Promoter Vacancy

Are you a customer satisfaction buff itching to get your hands on a new role?

An iconic Australian company is now seeking a Customer Community Lead. The successful applicant will be able to build and lead an NPS community across the operations of a large organisation. If this sounds like it may be you, please visit the ad for more details.

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