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NPS® News: Comcast Pays for Bad Customer Experience, JetBlue and Amazon Prime Go Sky High and Lost Mobile Operators

Very costly or very smart: Comcast promises $20 each time the cable guy is late

Comcast, the American cable TV giant, has decided that enough is enough, it needs to do something about its customer experience woes.

Having received an NPS of -3 back in March 2014 and far too many bad customer experience stories published, the CEO Brian Roberts wants customer experience to become Comcast’s best product.

So how does Comcast plan alleviate its customer experience pains? To start, they are aiming to have their technicians be on time 100% of the time by the third quarter of this year. And to prove they are serious they are offering customers $20 off their bill if technicians show up late.

However, appointments still require customers to be home during a long window of time, 3 to 4 hours normally. So even if the cable guy shows up on time, the fact of having to remain at home for this amount of time is annoying for many customers. To remedy this Comcast also tested last year a new app called Tech Tracker.

The app has huge potential to really eliminate the decades old model of having to wait for technicians by letting customers know in real time where their technician is, alerting them when he/she is 15 minutes away.

It is hoped that the app will greatly improve Comcast customer experience, creating a customer experience that is no longer dominated by having to spend hours waiting at home. While, after the appointment customers can use the app to rate technicians, after which Comcast will follow up with those who gave technicians poor scores.

At the call center end of a customer’s experience, Comcast is adding 5,500 new customer service positions, with all technicians and call center staff to undergo hospitality training to eliminate the bad customer service it has become so well known for.

One Comcast highly publicized fumble is a recorded 10 minute conversation in which a belligerent service rep. simply refuses to cancel a customer’s service despite repeated requests from the customer. Comcast hopes then that these new measures will mean that experiences like these will be a thing of the past.

Learn more about Comcast’s push to become a customer experience company with the full article.

JetBlue, Amazon Prime and customer experience at 35,000 feet

JetBlue has added another piece to the puzzle of their already amazing customer experience by partnering with Amazon Prime. With free unlimited snacks and beverages, coach that has more legroom than any other U.S. airline and wide comfortable seating, JetBlue is aiming to provide the best inflight entertainment at 35,000 feet.

JetBlue is bringing unlimited, on-demand entertainment to all of its passengers. Using JetBlue’s already free high-speed Wi-Fi, Amazon Prime members will now be able to access thousands of movies and TV episodes.

While, for those who aren’t members of Amazon Prime, JetBlue customers can still rent or purchase titles in the Amazon Instant Video store all within JetBlue’s completely free broadband service.

With JetBlue having an NPS of 61 and Amazon Prime 38, this partnership can only mean even more good news for both companies’ customer experience.

Read the full article here.

Study shows mobile network operators still don’t get it

A recent mobile network study has found that there are serious problems in the way companies perceive customers, with 48.5 percent of mobile phone users surveyed stating that their experience with customer service teams was unsatisfactory.

However, the real problem is apparent in how both customers and operators viewed response times to network related problems.

The survey found that 66 percent of consumers expect network-related problems to be solved in under 1 hour, with a further 28 percent willing to wait 1 day. However, of the 40 mobile operators interviewed the majority said that they thought customers would be willing to wait up to 1 day, and a further 26 percent said that they thought customers would wait up to 3 days.

This clearly explains why in the same survey 43 percent were detractors and only 27 percent were promoters, resulting in an industry NPS of -16.

The study shows that many mobile network providers have an incorrect perception about what their customers consider good customer service, meaning many providers will will continually fail to meet the standards of their customers.

The study states that mobile operators need to become more customer-centric to increase customer satisfaction and prevent problems before they occur.

More about the study can be found right here.

In brief

NatWest’s personal banking division has dropped one point from Q4 2014 down to an NPS of 5 in Q1 2015.

While Scotland’s RBS personal banking is not looking pretty with an NPS of -18.

British Gas engineers are servicing their clientele well and have a score of 69.

While finally in the UK wireless market 3 Mobile has a score of 16 and O2 comes in a little lower at 9.

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