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Net Promoter News: Slack, ING Groep, Optus, and a Case for NPS

Slack—Connecting Colleagues through the Fastest Growing Workplace Software

slack logoAt CustomerGauge, we use Slack on a daily basis to connect with our team. And, we’re not the only ones. Slack is one of the fastest growing workplace softwares at the moment—and that’s thanks in large part to a number of factors, include their use of NPS®.

When CEO Stewart Butterfield originally pitched Slack, he valued it at $100 million. In the last three years, Slack has more than exceeded this expectation.

Beyond their active users and revenue growth, Slack has also employed the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure the health and growth of their business: “We look at things like net promoter score (NPS), we look at customer satisfaction scores on our responses to customer support inquiries, and things like time to first response and service availability. We like to look broadly across all points of customer contact and anything we can measure about the service.”

Check out the interview between Peter High of Forbes and Slack’s CEO Stewart Butterfield here:

ING Groep (ING) #1 NPS Leader in Poland

In their latest quarter three 2016 results, ING has shown 1.3 billion in profits for this quarter alone. CEO Ralph Hamers attributes this recent success with the company’s new Think Forward strategy.

As part of that strategy, ING has seen the benefits of implementing the Net Promoter System. According to Hamers, ING has the “…number one Net Promoter Score in the country [Poland]…We really, really, really focus on Net Promoter Score. That drives client satisfaction, client experience improvements; that drives the growth in [the] number of clients, and you see all of that here as well.”

[caption id="attachment_18928" align="alignnone" width="1118"]ING Slide courtesy of ING[/caption]

Beyond just Poland, the Think Forward strategy has grown ING Groep’s customer base this year: “We are showing that the Think Forward strategy is working,” says Ralph Hamers. “We’re growing our number of customers. We’re growing our number of primary customers again this year with more than 400,000 new customers this year to date.”

Despite 10% Decline, Optus sees 12+ NPS Bump and Growth

optuslogoThings have been a bit rocky over at Optus for their second quarter, with a 9% revenue decline and 10% decrease in earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA). Optus attributes this decline to a sports launch and a new ACCC decision in August of last year.

However, despite these numbers, Optus is seeing growth in its product and business initiatives, due in part to their use of NPS. According to CEO Allen Lew, “Optus is seeing signs that its focus on product innovation and network investment is having a positive effect on customer advocacy, with our Market Net Promoter Score (NPS) improving 6 points to +12. This is our highest score since we began tracking NPS and indicates that our customers have noticed the improvements in our mobile and fixed networks, and are enjoying Optus' range of products and services."

This is good news for a business that was pegged the most complained about telecommunications company in Australia.

Forbes Begs the Question: Is NPS Still Effective?

In their recent article, “Is NPS Still Effective?”, Forbes took at stab at understanding why some people feel as though NPS has “run its course.”

As an almost decade-long approach, there has been some talk that NPS is no longer the best tool in winning customers back, as some believe customers internalize their own feedback as a reason to never again continue business.

Counter to this, writer Blake Morgan of Forbes argues that, in fact, NPS is STILL the most effective customer service measurement. This, she says, is especially true in a culture where people are often unwilling to take long surveys, regardless of how “good” or “bad” the service was:

“In a day when most customers won’t take long surveys or answer complicated review questions, NPS stands as one of the few measurement options for customer experience. It has the power to be incredibly useful in your brand to ensure your customers are having the best experience possible and likely won’t be going away any time soon.”

What do you think? How has NPS helped improve your company and customer relationships?

Written in contribution with Amy Dorrell.

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