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Net Promoter News: Twitter uses NPS, SMS has high response rate, Expedia's sponsored search and price loses to experience

Twitter improves customer service with NPS

Twitter has realised its importance as a customer service platform, and is giving brands simple direct messaging and the ability to collect feedback.

Millions of customer service-related interactions occur on Twitter every month, and it might just be the single busiest customer service platform out there.

Now brands have the ability to add a link to their tweets, which presents a button to customers that allows them to send the business a direct message.

And while Twitter has always allowed direct messaging, this new feature enables customers to switch seamlessly to private messaging for those details they don’t want to share publicly.

But what gives brands insights to create positive new actions, is the addition of customer feedback based on NPS. Now at the conclusion of a service interaction, brands can ask customers to rate privately the company and provide a brief explanation.


This new feature from Twitter is definitely a welcome addition to all those brands that rely so heavily on Twitter for customer service, but brands must be cautious about putting too much weight on customers they know little about.

Click the link to learn more about Twitter’s new features.

Why SMS might not be terrible for customer feedback

New research shows that for financial services, the best way to collect feedback might be through SMS.

eChoice, a mortgage and insurance broker, has found that eChoice brokers using of SMS as a feedback channel have increased the quality of their client relationships and the number of referrals coming in.

Maybe most significant of all is that shifting from email to SMS has seen response rates increase by 4.5 times.

National sales manager Blake Buchanan said an important part of understanding the client experience is “establishing a feedback tool that isn’t too onerous for customers to react to…. brokers should never underestimate the power of making at least once post-contact communication to clients.”

For the second half of 2015 eChoice recorded an NPS of 33, above the industry average of -6. And while it isn’t definite that SMS is stronger than email across all industries and sectors, we can agree when Mr Buchanan says:

“NPS is a business tool to identify those customers that are the ‘champions’ of their business. By doing this, they can focus their energy on asking for referrals or assistance through word-of-mouth recommendations, testimonials and online reviews.”

To read the original article, click here.

Expedia’s shift towards hotel sponsored search over the VoC

[caption id="attachment_17438" align="alignleft" width="336"]expedia-new Hotels can now influence their search ranking. Source:[/caption]

Customers let others know about the quality of a product through purchasing power and their voice. Expedia, though, is changing that process by allowing hotels to bid for placement to determine which hotels will appear on the first page of search screens.

In a move that follows in the footsteps of Facebook and other digital platforms, Expedia is allowing hotels to pay for their page rank; effectively removing much of the power customers have to determine hotel quality.

However, the company does state that companies with largely negative reviews won’t be able to hide by paying more. NPS will still go a long way to influencing the position a hotel sits in Expedia’s search.

And while Expedia says it is not actively pushing the new marketplace, the worry is that these ideas could create a travel industry that is too focused on price and bidding rather than quality customer experience.

Read more.

Price gives way to customer experience

A new report claims companies worldwide are re-focusing on customer needs and brand experiences and moving away from price as a competitive differentiator.

The Forbes Insights study, conducted with Pitney Bowes, reveals how data, specifically consumer data, is becoming an invaluable aspect of fostering a compelling and rewarding customer experience.

"Business solutions can only be as good as the data you retrieve," states Jack Bullock, SVP of digital commerce solutions at Pitney Bowes, in an announcement. "Missing the mark could result in poor brand experience for your clients and even fines, legal action and revenue loss."

Customer data is crucial in attaining the needed holistic view of customers and transaction streams.

The key approach, according to the report, is establishing a strong customer information management strategy. One that not only helps retailers know who the customer is and what they’re interested in but also allows retailers to hurdle the various challenges around data collection and analysis.

NPS in brief

Tradeshift, an invoicing platform service, as a score of 53.

Data center provider QTS is keeping customers happy with an NPS of 63.5.

The TSB Bank in England has a score of 17.

While Three, the British mobile carrier, has an above industry average of 27, with its rival O2 registering a score of 7.

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