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Net Promoter News: Oooh Matron! UK Gov’s NHS rollout, Everything Everywhere go NPS, Net Promoter in Mad-Men land, Shoretel +63

Carry On Rating... UK Gov’s Hospitals Scoring Rolls Out

[caption id="attachment_3071" align="alignnone" width="300"]hattie-jacques1.jpg "The patient needs some stronger medicine doctor!"[/caption]

A few weeks ago we mentioned that UK Prime Minister David Cameron has announced Net Promoter will be used to rank NHS hospitals by patient satisfaction across England.

According to an article this week, the surveys have collected around 21,000 responses in the initial phase, with the first league table set to be published within two months. But there has been some resistance to the move, with some leaders within the health system finding it distracting and time consuming for staff, and some patients feeling that they did not like the question because they are wary of giving a “black and white” answer.

These complaints notwithstanding, the rollout is gathering steam – good news for patients and families fed up with a lack of care and accountability in the health system. Indeed, according to the opinion piece below, “few would argue NHS patients would not be happier if more attention was paid to improving the experience of care.”

With regards to patients wary of giving a “black and white” answer, it is also important to note that the basic Net Promoter question of whether or not a person would recommend a service to their friends and family is just a starting point – follow up questions need to be asked to uncover insights which can enable an organisation to implement change for the benefit of its customers. We are very interested to see how this turns out – stay tuned for more in the coming months! Health Service Journal Health Service Journal (Opinion)

Everything Everywhere puts money where its customers are

Everything2.pngEverything Everywhere – the company that runs both Orange and T-Mobile in the UK – has announced it is investing GBP 50 million in an effort to provide customers with specialized staff who will be experts on individual handsets and operating systems.  The new approach follows trials which showed dramatic improvements in the resolution of issues at first point of contact and “double digit” increases in Net Promoter Scores (no word on scores, samples, or if the research was internal or third party however).

This is of particular interest to us here at CustomerGauge as it follows a number of companies we’ve reported on this year which have experienced significant improvements in Net Promoter Scores after making investments in customer service training (as opposed to outsourcing or cutting costs). Among them are American Express, EdgeWave, Enterasys, and

In related news, Everything Everywhere claimed it is ahead in 4G plans because its rivals “are too busy focusing on cost efficiencies, instead of innovation.” Are you an Everything Everywhere customer? Let us know your experiences below! ComputerWorldUK

Net Promoter in Mad-Men Ad Agency Land

In B2B Net Promoter News, Steve Parker, MD of MediaVest said the agency uses Net Promoter as a key measure of its relationships with media owners. Twice a year, MediaVest holds an event where they invite 150 media owners into the agency in order to tell them their story – with the price of entry being that the guests need to give MediaVest a Net Promoter score. The reason? “So we can start measuring the strength, depth, variety of our relationships,” he said. “We do the same with client service – we use Net Promoter as a key measurement of our relationships with our client service.”

The interview followed a presentation at Media360 by managing director of brand and customer experience at British Airways Frank van der Post, who discussed the challenges and importance of trying to track the value of marketing activity in the age of big data. MediaWeek

Intuit builds game plan on free advice

A few months back financial software provider Intuit announced that its customers were returning higher-than-expected Net Promoter Scores, due in part to free tax advice they were receiving from the company.

In its latest earnings call, the company claims that there are 40 million US taxpayers who currently prepare their taxes with assistance, but would be prepared to do it themselves digitally if they had the right tool. With this insight in mind, the company created a strategy built around attracting more of these taxpayers by providing free assistance. The company believes that this has helped improve its overall Net Promoter Score for its TurboTax product offering – and also helped increase its acquisition of first-time tax-filers, which grew by 34% this year. Seeking Alpha

Shoretel moves to Net Promoter

According to Peter Blackmore, CEO of unified communications provider Shoretel, the company has ranked above its competitors for eight years in a row in customer satisfaction. But in an effort to continue to improve its service offering, in the last 12 months the company has adopted Net Promoter – for which he claims the company has averaged a score of +63 for the past 6 months.

This is a high score in any industry, and it appears to be backed up by business performance. According to the same transcript, Shoretel is one of the few companies to gain market share in the last quarter, and is looking at a “very good” performance for the current quarter. Seeking Alpha

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