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Real Time Customer Feedback Done Right

Net Promoter Score, Verbatim Comments on a Digital Sign.

Inspired by the "crawler" (or news ticker) on SkyNews and CNN, or maybe by the "Calls Holding" message boards in call centres, we proudly present the new CustomerGauge Real Time Feedback Screen. It's designed as a digital sign (a new buzz word that as far as we can tell means "giant plasma display" and a spare PC running Firefox or Safari). Ideal for placing in your marketing department, lobby, canteen or even boardroom.

We pack a lot of information on this screen. As a CustomerGauge client, you can survey your customers continually. As comments and scores come in they are displayed in the upper part, on a sliding carousel of the most recent comments. All the relevant transaction information is shown next to the comment.

In the "lower third" we show the Net Promoter Score® for the current week, past week, month and year to date, plus sending stats and other useful information.

It is the latest iteration of our display board, and is designed to:

  • understand the "zeitgeist" by reading customer voice in real-time
  • help react immediately to customer comments
  • motivate staff

For CustomerGauge b2c clients, it's a simple low cost add-on. Let us know if we can show you more.

NB: Can't see the Flash image above? View it on YouTube.

Next Up: Silent Running: Automatically looking after your best e-commerce customers

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