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Net Promoter News: Rollercoaster NPS for Cedar Fair, NHS seeks another opinion, fewer Telstra complainers, “Web Detractors” outnumber Promoters for UK insurers

Rollercoaster Results for Cedar Fair


In an earnings call, Matt Ouimet, boss of entertainment biz Cedar Fair (FUN), has claimed that initial scores for the company’s Net Promoter surveys have been some of the best that he has seen “in many years of tracking NPS.”

Interestingly, Cedar Fair are linking the perceived value of the entry price to Net Promoter as a proxy for guest experience. Ouimet continues: "We believe one of the best metrics in determining success with this initiative is a Net Promoter Score or NPS. [...] By asking one simple question how likely would you be to recommend one of our parks to a friend or colleague, we can track these groups and get a clear measure of our park’s performance through our customer’s eyes. [...] I'm pleased to say that the initial surveys of our customers showed very strong NPS [...]  for some of our largest properties including our flagship park, Cedar Point known as the Rollercoaster Capital of the World..." Seeking Alpha

“Web Detractors” outnumber Promoters for UK insurers

Research in the UK has uncovered a significant shortfall in insurance providers’ online offering. Using a Net Promoter-based “Web Promoter Score,” the research asked users how likely they were to recommend insurance websites to family and friends. The results were dismal across the board, with the highest “WPS” for motor insurance sites at -14, and the highest WPS for home insurance sites at -17. Both motor and home websites lack some of the basic information and functionality that consumers expect, including:

  • Lack of brand comparisons
  • Lack of intuitively-placed information about safe driver discounts (of particular interest to drivers in this economic climate)
  • Failure to offer a clear point of differentiation
  • Lack of testimonials and external validation of marketing claims
  • Failure to provide information relevant to existing customers (with most information being directed at new prospects only)

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Healthy Scepticism?

The debate over the use of an adapted Net Promoter metric for the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) continues, this time with a well reasoned "Pros-and-Cons" essay from Toby Knightley-Day. He asks: "as you consider NPS, ask yourself: are you really seeking to drive improvements - or simply seeking to publish a headline number and fulfill a centrally directed requirement?". HSJ (paywall with free trial)

Telstra touts slowdown in complaints

Back in February, we reported that Australian telco Telstra had planned to roll out Net Promoter as part of a long overdue effort to place a renewed focus on its customer service.

In its earnings report this week the business continued to highlight its renewed focus on improving customer service, claiming that there has been a significant reduction in official complaints over the last financial year, and recently rolled out online services have caused a decrease in the volume of calls being made to its call centres.

Although there were no details given on actual scores, boss David Thodey noted that in relation to Telstra’s Net Promoter surveys; “Every day we receive around 20,000 pieces of feedback from our customers. This is one of the biggest change programmes ever undertaken by Telstra. We have asked every Telstra employee to treat our customers the way they would like to be treated themselves.”

However, Thodey admitted that complaints are still too numerous, and bearing in mind that in 2006 Telstra scored a woeful NPS of -44, we’re sure there is still significant room for improvement. Let the battle to regain the respect of Australian consumers begin! Telstra Full Year Results ZD Net

Plan Sponsors’ loyalty to retirement service providers on the rise

A Loyalty Index score in the US has found that plan sponsors’ loyalty to their retirement service providers has shown a significant increase from last year, with loyalty being measured using methodology including Net Promoter.

The industry-level NPS improved six points from +42 to +48 year on year, with a slight increase in plan sponsors classified as Promoters of their retirement plan providers in 2012.

The research results were calculated based on insights from over 7,000 plan sponsors, with the survey data covering clients from 16 of the top 20 retirement plan providers. Virtual Strategy

Chartis charts course for Net Promoter

New Zealand insurer Chartis has announced that as of July 31, it has started a Transactional Net Promoter survey that will be sent to all consumer customers once their claim has been processed. The business intends to roll out Net Promoter to the commercial clients in the future as well.

In brief

  • Mobile device management Zenprise has claimed a +60 – no word on methodology or survey numbers however.

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