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Posts from Net Promoter Past: Six Years of Net Promoter News

In 2008, we began blogging about news from the world of the then still relatively new philosophy of the Net Promoter Score.

Six years later, we've accumulated a significant library of posts about organisations big and small using Net Promoter to measure loyalty of customers, clients, and employees. To celebrate the sixth anniversary of the Net Promoter News, here are six of the best posts - to be enjoyed with a glass of gluhwein (and perhaps a pinch of salt).

1. Net Promoter: Is there a “Dutch Effect”?


Whether cultural biases affect NPS is an issue that is endlessly debated, in offices, on blogs, and at industry events around the world. Is there a consensus on the issue? Three enquiries within an hour from different countries relating to this issue prompted a post discussing whether or not the "Dutch Effect" is real, and three years on, it remains one of the most visited pages on our site. Read on to find out more! 

2. Net Promoter Score to win in ’08!


It may sound obvious now, but in 2008 the future of Net Promoter as a globally-accepted industry standard was still to be discovered - and even customer-centric metrics were not yet given the attention they deserved. Example - in this post, CustomerGauge CEO Adam cited a list in the Harvard Business Review of key performance indicators for leading companies, which included Return on equity, Operating Margin, Equity Ratio, Return on Investment, and more - but not a single customer-centric measurement.

Yet as Barack Obama began to gear up for a historic bid for the White House with the slogan "Yes, we can," Adam made a bold, (though possibly less emotive) forecast: "I’m going to stick my neck out and predict that more companies will focus on the customer this year, and that they will use the simple tool of the Net Promoter Score* (or NPS)," he said.  

Since 2008, more and more organisations have not only adopted the Net Promoter philosophy for internal use, but are reporting it in their earnings calls, press releases, and on their websites, and even in advertising material.

It has been noted that “Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.” But this is one prediction that we are not only correct about, but proud to be driving for organisations across the globe with the CustomerGauge system. Take a stroll down memory lane

3. Net Promoter News: The Annual 2009, with Company NPS Results Table

In 2009, for the first time we published a year in review post on the State of Net Promoter as covered in our Net Promoter News.

The 2009 Annual includes NPS benchmarks on around 80 companies we talked about that year. There are many dangers in reading too much into external benchmarks (for a breakdown of they reasons why see this post). Nevertheless, The Annual 2009 continues to attract visitors as organisations strive to answer the question as old as Net Promoter itself: How does our score compare to our competitors?  Take a peek at the benchmarks (while acknowledging the limits of their use)

4. Net Promoter News: The Annual 2012 – NPS Winners and Losers, plus the Who’s Who of the Year.

[caption id="attachment_8550" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Google_Trends_-_Web_Search_Interest__net_promoter_-_Worldwide_2004_-_present1-550x259 Google Search Trends for Net Promoter 2004-2012[/caption]

The 2012 edition of the Net Promoter Annual talks about winners and losers in the world of customer satisfaction, search trends for Net Promoter, and perhaps best of all, a handy “Net Promoter News” index of 100+ businesses that we talked about that year. Read more (or click to see which organisations we reported on in 2012)

5. Net Promoter News: The Love Edition – A Romance starring Toyota, Facebook, and Emirates


In keeping with Valentine’s Day conventions, each bit of Net Promoter News for the week of February 14, 2013, was presented as a love story. Romance, unrequited love, broken hearts, and even Pillow Talk are all discussed in this most R-rated of Net Promoter News. Fall in love with Net Promoter

6. Visualising NPS with an Emoticon Matrix

emoticon wall

Rob Markey from Bain suggested in his blog that the Net Promoter® Score could be visualised with a “Wall of Emoticons”. So we cooked up a free tool to help Net Promoter professionals create an image on the fly. Useful? Want more like this? Let us know… Create an emoticon wall

Hello 2014

This is our last post for 2013. We would like to wish all our readers and friends a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and even better 2014!

Next Up: Net Promoter News: Celebrating 10 Years of Net Promoter, American Home Shield Has Cake, Eats it Too, LexisNexis and its Yam Jams, Australian Super Benchmarks

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