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The Ultimate Net Promoter Score® Infographic (by Industry)

The Ultimate NPS® Score Infographic (by Industry)

We've compiled a publicly available list of Net Promoter Scores by company and industry for your viewing pleasure! We're suckers for benchmarks (see - and this infographic details the top NPS scores for the following industries:  Telecommunications, Financial Services, Consumer Brands, Healthcare, Travel & Hospitality, Insurance, Manufacturing, Technology, Education, and Business Services. Check out the averages below and the full infographic here:

NPS by Industry

Net Promoter Score by Industry

Keep in mind these scores are for U.S. companies only who have released their scores publicly via a press release or annual report and have registered at, but the comparison is still very interesting. Business Services takes the highest honors with an NPS of 67 overall and Telecommunications lags far behind with an NPS of 21.

Manufacturing Sneak Peak:

Let's take a quick look at the top NPS by Manufacturing:

NPS for Manufacturing

Net Promoter Score by Manufacturing Industry

All respectable scores, but Lampin moves to the head of the class with a NPS of 85! John Deere, US Auto Parts Network, 3M, Caterpillar, and General Electric all produce very respectable NPS scores ranging from 54-20 respectively. Access the full infographic by clicking here.

Travel & Hospitality Sneak Peak:

Let's check out the Travel & Hospitality scores:

NPS by Travel and Hospitality

Net Promoter Score by Travel and Hospitality Industries

Quite the range of Net Promoter Scores in Travel & Hospitality! JetBlue tops the list with a NPS of 68, taking the second spot is Southwest Airlines at 62, and Augusta Golf Club at a NPS of 60. Westin Hotel and Resorts, Diversified Restaurant Holdings, Trip Advisor, Delta Air Lines, Uber,, and Orbitz all logged great scores ranging from 59-20!

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