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United Airlines ties $500,000 CEO bonus to customer satisfaction results We have all read and seen the news and videos regarding United Airlines’ recent customer service debacle. For those of you who have not been tuned in, the American airline went through a customer service fiasco after asking four of their passengers to get off […]

New techniques to get Millenials responding to NPS questions “I would never give a 10 on a survey” says Mingus Donovan, who describes himself as the “Dream Alchemist” of the Boston-based startup, Beacon Hill Knife Sharpening Co-operative. “I don’t care how pimp or fire the service is, there’s no way I’d say I would recommend […]

More Than 75% of Macy’s Shoppers Preferred Amazon For the Holiday According to Prosper Insights’ January 2017 survey of more than 7,500 U.S. adults, more than three-quarters (76.7%) of Macy’s core shoppers have preferred to shop at Amazon during Q4 of 2016 (October, November and December). These results come one year after Macy’s CEO announced […]

Sage Group Plc Is Customer-Obsessed Sage Group, a British multinational enterprise software company closed the year 2016 with excellent business results. In November, CEO Stephen Kelly published a press release, which highlighted Sage’s achievements throughout the year and the company’s customer-centric goals for 2017. Results show that Sage’s contract renewal rates grew by 2 percentage […]

KLM wants to Invest €3million per Day into Quality   Previously, we discussed Southwest Airlines and their unparalleled focus on customer satisfaction, which earns the brand one of the highest NPS scores in the airline industry. Back in Europe, there is another airline that takes customer retention and happiness to heart—KLM. The Royal Dutch airline […]

Defined by Harvard Business Review as “The One Number You Need to Grow”, the Net Promoter Score® is the quickest metric you can use to assess customer satisfaction and loyalty with your brand. As 2017 is fast approaching, understanding which future investments and initiatives will earn you more promoters will come particularly handy, wouldn’t it? […]

Nokia Setting New Customer Experience Standards Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that over the last 5 years, things have not been great for the Finnish communications company, Nokia. Once the very company that defined the mobile industry, the tech giant’s delayed embrace of the smartphone revolution was one of the […]

Slack—Connecting Colleagues through the Fastest Growing Workplace Software At CustomerGauge, we use Slack on a daily basis to connect with our team. And, we’re not the only ones. Slack is one of the fastest growing workplace softwares at the moment—and that’s thanks in large part to a number of factors, include their use of NPS®. […]

The Ultimate NPS® Score Infographic (by Industry) We’ve compiled a publicly available list of Net Promoter Scores by company and industry for your viewing pleasure! We’re suckers for benchmarks (see – and this infographic details the top NPS scores for the following industries:  Telecommunications, Financial Services, Consumer Brands, Healthcare, Travel & Hospitality, Insurance, Manufacturing, […]

How is your score? Compare with 600+ Industry Leaders The team at NPS® Benchmarks just published the first part of their ground-breaking state of the industry study, with more than 600 company responses. In this part there are answers on the “mechanics” of running the program: response rate, survey length, drivers of success and much […]

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