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The 77 Essential e-Commerce Metrics

Local boy Erasmus once wrote "In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king", which means something like knowledge is power, and having more knowledge than others is commanding power.When you are setting up a division of a large manufacturer, and starting to sell directly to consumers, how can you measure your new business? That was the challenge my colleagues and I over the last 10 years that I've worked in e-commerce.Two years ago I distilled my knowledge of how to measure the system onto a single page. I reviewed it recently, and it still holds up. Trouble is, there are at least 77 measurements that I consider essential to running a successful, large e-commerce organisation. Some are financial, some logistical, and naturally the Net Promoter Score is on there. It's not easy to track these all down - even less simple to put on a dashboard that is updated weekly - but mastering the metrics will help you run your e-commerce business.One day, I'll figure out how to automate getting the information on a single dashboard. But for now, I hope this is a useful free tool that you can download and use in your business. Let me know your comments.Download manufacturers-ecommerce-essential-metrics-to-track-directness (pdf)

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