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Net Promoter News: Abe's Market Hungry for Slice of Natural Foods Pie, Insurance Customers put Premium on Human Interactions, Maersk Anchors B2B Relationships to Emotions

Abe’s Market Hungry for Slice of Natural Foods Pie

Abe’s Market is an ecommerce startup that sells natural foods online. Sales are growing 100% year-on-year, and it has a self-reported NPS of +78.

According to the PandoDaily, the organisation puts this down to executing on three things: branding, exclusive products, and constantly improving its execution on unit economics. But one look at the website (screen shot above) – graphic images of succulent food-porn with the necessary ingredients one easy click away – will have many a foodie hooked within moments.

The 100% year on year growth rates shows that customers are hungry for a piece of the action. But they aren't the only ones. The company has raised 9-odd million dollars since its 2010 launch, and with the natural foods category going through a booming growth phase as consumers become more concerned with how their food is sourced, it appears there is plenty of growth ahead for Abe's Market.

Insurance Customers put Premium on Human Interactions

New research into five US health insurers – Aetna, United Health Group, Cigna, BCBS, and Humana has revealed that:

  • The lower the NPS of a health insurance business, the more negative the emotional memory is of that brand.
  • The customers of insurers with higher NPS did not necessarily encounter less problems with their insurer, but they did feel that staff went above and beyond to assist them when issues were raised.
  • For the industry, human interactions are critical in building trust.

With an average NPS of -20 across the five companies, it appears that the industry as a whole is advised to take serious steps to improve trust - and customer loyalty. Business2Community

Maersk anchors B2B relationships to emotions, sees corresponding lift in NPS

B2B customers, so the theory goes, tend to make decisions based on data, metrics, cost and other factors. Lest it cloud judgment, emotional appeal can be viewed with suspicion. Nobody wants to be the guy who made a poor purchasing decision because it “felt” like the right thing to do.

[caption id="attachment_7356" align="alignright" width="281"]Maersk: Doing the emotional thing. Maersk: Doing the emotional thing.[/caption]

But emotion is an extremely important factor in B2B decision-making, and there are sound reasons for this. A post on Business2Community puts it nicely:

B2B buyers feel more stress, irritation and disappointment than B2C buyers. The stakes are higher, the bets are bigger. Both reputation and return on investment are in play, and both really matter to that buyer. Many people go to bed and wake up with their work in mind and they are much more sensitive to anything that will impact their own work or put their job at risk.

Seeing an opportunity, shipping giant Maersk chose to focus on three target emotions that it felt drove the most value – trustcared forpleased. Three years after putting this renewed focus on how its customers felt, the company had increased its Net Promoter Score by 40. Maersk case study Business2Community

Australian Motor insurers Need Customer Service Tune-up

According to consulting firm Engaged Marketing, the average NPS of the top ten Australian motor insurance companies is -8. The consultancy surveyed 2,640 customers to research the NPS of Youi, AAMI, Allianz, Apia, Budget Direct, GIO, NRMA, RACQ, RACV and Suncorp. Youi and Apia were number one and two, with scores of 12 and 14 respectively. Paint and Panel

Listen Closely: Your Employees have Something to Say (Webinar Thursday October 17)

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The discussion will include:
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  • Getting it right: Risks, rewards, and how to implement a successful eNPS (employee Net Promoter) Program.
  • Reference to two real-life case studies.

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