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Net Promoter News: UK insurers break Net Promoter "No-Claims" bonus, Ascentium agency climbs Net Promoter peak, NPS ups and downs for some UK hospitals

UK insurers make a claim on Net Promoter

Compared to sectors such as retail, the UK insurance industry has been relatively slow to pick up on the advantages of using Net Promoter.

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However, this is changing. Insurers that now use Net Promoter include Hiscox, Allianz, Junction, Jelf, Cunningham Lindsey, Towergate, Collinson Insurance Group, Axa Commercial Lines, among others, with the metric even being adopted by businesses in the supply chain such as National Windscreens.

According to Jelf, “Improving our customer service (with Net Promoter) has helped us to increase retention rates, push up the average income per client, reduce price sensitivity, and deliver organic growth.” Check out the original post for some interesting Net Promoter-related insights on what people in the industry have found works for them: Post Online (reg reqd.)

Ascentium climbs the Net Promoter peak

US digital marketing agency Ascentium has been using Net Promoter for more than five years, and in that time, has uncovered two surprising insights that at first glance seem almost contradictory.

The first is that no matter what the reason, clients dislike it if the agency unilaterally swaps personnel during a project, regardless of whether the replacement was a better fit in terms of the particular account.

So it is clear, and not surprising, that the staff-client relationship is highly important. However, insight number two is that if a client complains about a staff member, the best thing to do is take the person in question off the account immediately, rather than try to repair the relationship.

According to prez Steve Salta, “Doing so doesn’t reflect badly on the employee or the client. It’s about a relationship that isn’t working and simply needs to be changed.”

Agencies, take note and read the short article: Reach Access. Have you found any insights from Net Promoter that completely took you by surprise? We’d love to hear from you!

Rollercoaster NPS ride for some UK hospitals

Also in the UK, there has been several significant movements in the Net Promoter Scores of hospitals between when the first “Friends and Family Test” scores were released in April and the end of August.

Of particular note, Hinchingbrooke Health Care Trust slipped from joint first to joint eighth (+93 to +78), and Peterborough Hospital slipped to equal last with Stamford Hospital (dropping from +67 in April to +48 in July).

The significant fall for Hinchingbrooke Health Care Trust is interesting as it is a private rather than public facility, and its original high score was seen by some to be an indication that private health care is superior to public. But in light of these new scores, perhaps well-managed public health facilities come out on top after all? HSJ: Peterborough and Stamford lowest HSJ: Hinchingbrooke Health Care Trust slips (partial paywall)

In brief

  • Aptly-named payroll processor Paychex noted in its earnings call that it began measuring NPS last year, and that initial results place it “among industry leaders.” Its first quarter profits also beat estimates. Seeking Alpha
  • Laser Reproductions, a service provider for industrial design firms, announced it has an NPS of +80 after beginning NPS surveys in March this year. Laser Reproductions

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