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Hearing the Voice of Customers

castle siegeAre you able to hear what they are saying out in Customerland? What did your company learn from your customers this month? Or are you choosing not to listen?Over the course of a long career I have found that many companies are not ready to listen to what their customers are saying, or sometimes shouting at them. Causes vary - sometimes it's cultural: "We know best". Or structural: "We don't have the tools". Organisations are bombarded by customer feedback every day - in the form of complaints or praise, but few companies have an integrated view of customer sentiment. Therefore, no means of organising or archiving comments.A new discipline of Enterprise Feedback Management is being grown up around this, and software vendors are rushing to help companies understand a holistic view of the client base. CustomerGauge has had feedback management built in from the start, and we have been helping our client companies improve by simply routing customer comments through to the correct people, and categorising them in ways that help them prioritise changes.single positive quoteI thought I would share a sample of real (anonymised) customer comments to show this in action. These are some comments from the last week I picked at random. These are tagged to help understand major issues, but the main strength is the verbatim response from customers. Would this work to help your organisation?
Positive Comments (use as testimonials)
  • "Fantastic piece of equipment! I am fascinated by the creativity & cleverness of the design. I get a lot of use out of it & am proud to show it off! thank you!"
  • "This is one of the best online shopping experiences I have had in a long time. The price of the product was the best I could fine and the order process and delivery was flawless."
  • "Very easy to use site with fast delivery. well packed goods. Excellent."
Constructive Criticism (use to help tune up services):
  • "Purchased [XXX Product]. To fit the connecting lead into the power box was very difficult, resulting in me having to contact customer support. They were very helpful and the problem was sorted."
  • "Delivery company required a signature for a relatively low value item. i work six days/week and had to take time of work to collect item."
  • "I don't understand why the outside packaging (plain cardboard box) was so big."
  • "The [Product MMM] was much harder to load photos on, then expected and the up/down arrows make navigation on the system difficult even for a seasoned geek head."
  • "Web page needs to be much more user friendly and order status needs to be improved."
  • "Your purchase/online system seemed to stop and I wasn't sure that it had taken the order or not, somewhat disconcerting."
  • "I left a telephone message but no-one replied."
  • "When I called for support, I was on hold an extremely long time before I got to talk to someone."
Suggestions (use for improvements)
  • "The service provided was excellent. The only improvements which could be made are: (i) The ability to specify a different delivery date to the address registered with the Credit Card Used, and (ii) an option to extend the warranty would be useful."
  • " recently bought from your website your new [Product XYZ] which are great. But, it would have been very useful to have had a bag or container to put every thing in for storage."
  • "Would like to be given an option for faster shipping."
  • "Still too many steps (clicks) to complete tasks such as updates."
Of course, you need to do something about the comments if you want to improve performance. Here's a graph from a company that classified feedback in CustomerGauge, and prioritised what to fix. The chart illustrates the trend over a year period, showing how some issues were more important to customers over time.issue trend graphIn this time, the Net Promoter Score rose each month, showing the changes were having a positive effect.Trend Net Promoter ScoreYou don't have to feel under siege from your customers! To learn more about how CustomerGauge helps companies please contact us or read our Product Description.

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